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Selling landscape services to a potential customer is tough. Equipter offers tons of resources to help increase your landscaping company’s sales game.

5 Landscaping Business Ideas to Help You Sell More

Growing grass is one thing. Growing your business? That can seem tougher. But you can build a healthier bottom line when you incorporate the right strategies. Leverage these landscaping business ideas to help you sell more.

landscape equipment to sell more

1. Invest in professional-level landscaping equipment.

There are tons of landscaping business ideas, but first and foremost is the concept of investing in high-quality, professional grade landscaping equipment. The hard work of building and maintaining beautiful landscapes involves hauling—lots of hauling. And for many landscapers, equipment like trailers and wheelbarrows are the backbone of that work. But other material-handling options exist that boost efficiency and help protect customers’ properties better than the equipment you’ve been using.

The Equipter RB3000 is a drivable dump trailer specifically built to do the heavy lifting for you. It includes:

  • A hydraulic dump with dual-hinged tailgate for easy dumping
  • A gas-powered engine to easily move materials around the job site
  • Wide tires and lightweight construction to protect lawns and existing landscape beds

When you show prospects during sales calls that you invest in equipment that helps jobs get done faster and better protects properties, they’re more likely to look to you as a professional they can count on to perform the job properly.

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2. Up your sales with upsells.

Another way to boost sales is to learn how to recognize upsell or sale enhancement opportunities. For example, gazebos, pergolas, fire features, and water features are ideal ways to enhance an exterior when a customer is interested in creating a livable outdoor space. Exterior lighting is also a good upsell because it can transform any property into a 24/7 showcase. Material upgrades are prime upsell opportunities, too.

The key to upselling properly is to place the emphasis on the value of the upgrade, whether it’s creating a usable outdoor living area or increasing the property’s resale value. Listening to the prospect’s or customer’s wants, needs, and concerns will help you zero in on upsell opportunities. 

landscape bussines plans

3. Make your business an active member of your community.

Serving the community is an ideal way to help your neighbors while raising your landscape company’s local profile. Partner with a local nonprofit on projects that allow you to showcase your landscaping resources and talent. It might be as simple as weeding a schoolyard or as complex as undertaking a total landscaping reboot for a public park. These opportunities demonstrate that your business cares—and it’s those little factors that can make a big difference when a prospect is making a decision about whether to hire you or a competitor.

4. Put your name to work.

Landscaping prospects can’t call your business if they don’t know about your business. Use every opportunity to make your name one people remember when they think, “I need a landscaper.” For instance, place easy-to-read graphics on your company’s RB3000 landscaping trailer, vans, or trucks to turn them into mobile billboards.

Facebook ads can also be effective landscaping business ideas to target potential clients. The social media platform provides the ability to create highly specific audiences that allow you to maximize ad dollars. Engaging ads, particularly those featuring video, can be a particularly powerful way to attract business and sell more. Boostpoint, a partner company of Equipter, takes the complication out of Facebook ads for roofers, landscapers, and other hard workers, giving you more time to utilize other landscaping business ideas to get noticed.

5. Be unique.

This is about showing prospects how your landscaping business provides more value than the half dozen other landscapers in your zip code.

Do you create customized landscapes for high-end customers better than anyone else? Or is your maintenance crew famous across the region for its weed-killing ability? Identify that unique value proposition (UVP), and then use it to stand out so prospects know they can rely on you to solve their problem.

Whether you're just starting out or it’s time to improve your bottom line and make more sales, put these landscaping business ideas to work for you.