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How to Fix a Roofing Blog: Tips to Refresh Your Stale Blog

roofing blog tips

Is your roofing blog performing below par? Do you need an action plan to hit it out of the rough? Tee up your blog for success with these pro tips.

1. Reevaluate your focus.

Your roofing business marketing will evolve—and so should your blog content. The tips and advice you published a few years ago might not align with your current business or its plan for growth. Maybe you shifted focus to a new niche or perhaps the neighborhoods you serve have changed in demographics.

Now is the time to scan over those older entries and ask: is this type of content still relevant to my specific audience?

If the answer is no, the next question is: what can I publish on my roofing blog that will serve my target audience today?

For example, if you’ve recently invested in an Equipter RB4000 lift, publish an entry about how to choose a quality roofer and include info about how you use this innovative roofing equipment to reduce property damage and get jobs done faster.

2. Polish up the layout.

Website trends change quickly, and it doesn’t take long for a blog to look outdated. Scope out what successful businesses are doing with their blogs visually.

Look at competitors’ sites, but also peek at related home or commercial services, like HVAC, landscaping, or general contracting. This can give you a sense of whether you need a new template to keep up with or outpace competing roofers.

3. Refresh old content.

Review all the older entries. If the content is completely irrelevant—say, you don’t offer that service anymore—delete the entry.

Dust off remaining content that’s still useful for your audience:

  • Update or replace images
  • Add images where there are none
  • Add newer, more relevant tags
  • Check links and replace any broken ones
  • Update keywords to include new trends, services, or service areas

4. Prep to start producing new roofing blog content.

Neglect is the #1 killer of blogs. Okay, so maybe we just made that fact up, but you get the point.

Search engines love regularly updated websites, so adding new content via your blog can impact your roofing SEO. And that’s critical for your roofing company: 93% of consumers say they searched online for a local business within the last year. When you blog consistently, your site has a better chance of appearing higher in those search lists consumers are looking at.

Set a doable blogging schedule—twice a month, once a week—whatever works for you. Then make that commitment a priority. Keep track of due dates with a calendar (like Google or Outlook) or a project management system (like Trello or Asana).

Planning topics in advance can take some of the stress out of blogging, especially during the busy season. Check out 25 Roofing Blog Topics—that’s about six months’ worth of topics if you’re posting weekly.

5. Add new ways to share good content.

Traffic-producing blogs publish more than the written word these days. Consider adding these content types to your roofing blog to increase shares over social media and, in turn, spread brand awareness:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Polls

6. Revisit how you promote the roofing blog.

Blogging doesn’t stop when you hit the publish button. Promotion is key to getting the word out, especially if you’re working hard to refresh a stale blog:

  • Share links on sites relevant to your business, whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Add a link to your blog in your email signature.
  • Promote it in your regular email marketing, like newsletters.
  • Share it on printed marketing materials, like business cards or brochures.
  • Invite relevant guests, like real estate agents, to guest post on your blog, and then encourage them to promote their article.

Make the cut in an increasingly competitive market by getting your roofing website back into winning shape. 


Stats updated March 16, 2021.