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Roofing Content Marketing Ideas: Winter Edition

Is winter content for your roofing company as dry as a real Christmas tree on New Year’s Day? Keeping marketing fresh isn’t always easy for most businesses, especially if you’re managing a small team that juggles big to-do lists. Dig into these winter season roofing content ideas! 

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Why Consistent Content Marketing Matters

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3x as many leads. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Unique site traffic growth, year-over-year, is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders. (Aberdeen)
  • It takes 5-7 impressions before someone remembers your brand. (Pam Moore)

Winter Content Ideas for Your Roofing Company

Cold Weather Content Ideas

If you’re roofing in warmer climates, you might want to skip to the next section. But contractors in areas that experience snow or ice can engage future and current clients by sharing roofing content that helps them weather the winter:

  • How to prepare the roof and gutters for winter storms
  • How to prevent and remove ice dams on the roof
  • How to identify and prevent animal damage to roofs, gutters, and attics
  • How to safely clear heavy snow from a roof
  • Most common winter roofing problems to watch for
  • Signs you need a roof inspection this winter
  • Tips for working with your insurance company after winter storm damage

Behind-the-Scenes Content Ideas

Whether you use these ideas as blog entries on your site, images on Facebook, or videos on Instagram, this type of roofing content shows homeowners the processes and people you'll use to solve their problems. It also engages viewers by showing a relatable, human side to your company, a side that typically doesn't come through in traditional advertising. 

  • Job site stories that highlight what you specialize in, or jobs that are interesting or challenging. For example, if you use an RB4000 debris control trailer to keep homeowners' properties clean, show video or pics of your crews using it on a job site.

  • Employee spotlights that let local consumers get to know your team better. Video is ideal for this! For instance, ask the spotlighted employee 1 or 2 questions, like: 

    What have you been thankful for over the last year?
    Do you have New Year’s resolutions...what are they?
    Was there a customer story this year that really stuck with you?
    What's your most/least favorite part of winter? 

Home Show Content Ideas

Make home shows more profitable with content that promotes:

  • Reminders to visit you at the show. Share your booth number and any other location clues: Look for us at booth #123, near the main stage!

  • Excerpts or an overview of any presentations/workshops/classes you give at the show.

  • Announcements of any new products/services you’re debuting.

  • Show specials.

  • Rundown of cool products/services you saw from other vendors at the show (a great way to help grow relationships with the local business community).

Winter Holiday Content Ideas

  • Host a holiday home exterior decorating contest.
  • Thank customers for a wonderful year.
  • Share New Year’s resolutions from you and/or your staff.
  • Show customers love with a Valentine’s-themed contest.
  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by adding green accents or holiday-themed images to social media content; you can even pick up dollar-store photo props to take pics with the team. 

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Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck By Reusing Content

You spend time and effort creating content as part of your company's marketing strategy, so maximize your investment by reusing content over multiple formats and channels.

  • Turn a home show video featuring your favorite products from other vendors into a blog post like “Our Favorite Products from Regional Home Show 2019.”

  • Employee spotlight videos you share on Facebook can be repurposed into content for your website’s About page.

  • Reuse a blog entry about identifying animal damage on the roof by creating a social media-friendly graphic with a graphics platform (like Canva).

Still not using video in your local marketing? Get up to speed in How to Create and Promote Local Digital Ads with Video, from digital ad solution Boostpoint (a company powered by Equipter and co-founded by former Equipter Marketing Manager Sam Beiler).

Don't let your roofing content ideas dry up over the winter! Use these ideas to get fresh content in front of your next customer.