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4 Tips for Nailing Your Roofing Website Design


The foundation of your roofing company's online presence is a solid website. Whether you're just starting a roofing company or looking for ways to enhance an existing website, it's essential that your roofing website design sticks out from the rest. 

Why Worry About Your Roofing Website Design?

According to LSA in an article on, 62% of consumers searched online for roofing services before taking action, and 84% of those consumers called a company after their search. Terms like "roofing companies near me" are generating tens of thousands, in some cases even hundreds of thousands, of searches a month in Google. If 100,000 people search "roofing contractor near me," that means approximately 52,000 people are calling roofing companies they likely found during their online research.

So, not only do you need to be visible on Google; you also need to capture people's attention with a high-quality, easy-to-navigate website design that clearly displays information your roofing leads are looking for. 

How Can You Improve Your Website Design?

Web design is far from simple, but following the four points below can help you create or refine a roofing website worth exploring. 

1. Use branding to your advantage.

Did you know that developing your brand is more than just designing a cool logo and slapping it on your trucks, equipment, and social media pages? A solid brand strategy that enforces consistency across all materials and resources improves your professional image among prospects. And your website shouldn't be left out of that strategy.

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Color consistency is key. Your roofing website design should primarily utilize your company colors. Not sure what your company colors are or how to pick them? Start by checking your logo or researching color meanings to determine colors that correlate with your company's mission and values. You can also connect with a local web design company that can help you develop your brand. 

Brand and color consistency also helps enhance brand recognition online and in the area you serve. 

2. Make it clean and simple.

Back in the 1990s, flashy graphics, busy backgrounds, and obnoxiously contrasting colors were all the rage. However, we're in the 21st Century. These "fun" features are now more of a distraction in today's fast-paced world. People searching for home improvement services want answers, not entertainment. 

If users can't find what they're looking for within the first few seconds of landing on your website, they're going to leave and head back to that massive collection of search results–your competition. That's why it's crucial to have the basics easily accessible. 

3. Include contact information on every page.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it's really not. If you include your location, phone number, and email address in the footer, it will automatically appear on every page of your website. 

It's also beneficial to add your phone number as a click-to-call button in the header of your website. With most people using smartphones for their searches, potential customers will find the click-to-call option much more convenient than trying to remember your phone number.

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And don't forget a Contact Us page. In addition to your basic contact info, you could include a contact form and/or a Google map to show exactly where you're located. 

4. Feature images of projects and your roofing process.

While you want to keep your roofing website design relatively simple, it's important to use your own photography. Homeowners and property owners looking for your services want to see evidence of your high-quality work. Make a point to incorporate photos of homes and buildings your company has reroofed. 


One way to stand out from your competition and educate prospects before they even pick up the phone is to highlight your roofing process on your website. What equipment and tools do you use? How many people are on your roofing crew? Images of works in progress show prospects what they can expect their property to look like while your company's hard at work. If your company uses equipment like the drivable, liftable Equipter RB4000 for managing tear-off debris to keep your customers' flowerbeds clean, be sure to feature it in use on your website.

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Imagery can make all the difference. While it's beneficial to have a header image on every page, don't rule out the option of hosting a gallery or portfolio of completed projects. The more you can provide prospects with in a clean, concise manner, the more credibility you build without speaking a word. 

Your roofing website may be the very first impression you make on a prospect. Make it a good one.