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Shingle Lift That Means Business | Equipter RB4000


Shingle lift / the Equipter RB4000 is an all around great roofing tool with many different uses and purposes. Roofing contractors tell us that they find so many different uses for the RB4000 that they would not do another roofing project without it.


Equipter RB4000 vs Shingle Elevator / Laddervator

Pros for the RB4000 as a Shingle Lift

  • Mobility (self-driven)

    equipter rb4000 a shingle liftThe Equipter RB4000 has many different uses and purposes. Since the Equipter is drivable and raisable it can also be used as a shingle lift or shingle hoist, saving you and your employees’ backs. You can drive the Equipter to the back of your truck or trailer and load the shingles directly into the RB4000. After you have loaded the shingles simply drive the Equipter to your desired location and lift.

  • Capacity

    The RB4000 is designed to contain up to 4,000 lbs, about the weight of a pallet of shingles. It’s large carrying capacity allows you to save more time by hauling bigger loads. When fully loaded it can reach up to 12’ allowing you to get right under the eave of the house. You can simply load the shingles onto the Equipter, drive to desired location and extend the Equipter up to the roof. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Cons for the RB4000 as a Shingle Lift

  • Height Reach - 1 Story

    equipter rb4000 lifting shinglesOne of the cons of relying on the Equipter to be your shingle lift is that the RB4000 only lifts one story. If the roof is more than 1 story high, then the Equipter may not be able to reach the eve of the roof. Although it can still help in transporting the shingles around the jobsite with its driving capabilities.

Pros for the Shingle Elevator

  • Height Reach - 2 Story

    We know that sooner or later everyone runs into that frustrating job where getting the shingles up to the roof easily is impossible. Unlike the Equipter, the laddervator allows you to reach up to those two story houses and get the shingles to the top. It was specifically designed to make the job easier for roofers, no matter what story you're on. With their adjustable length, you can customize what height you’d like it.

Cons for the Shingle Elevator

  • Limited Capacity

    The cons of relying on the laddervator for shingle transportation is that it has a limited carrying capacity of 200-300 lbs. Instead of being able to load a bulk amount of shingles onto the roof at one time, you lift the shingles up 4-5 at a time.

  • 2 Man Operation

    You will need an employee at the bottom to carry the bundles over and send them up the lift, as well as an employee on the roof taking them off. Although this still get’s the job done, it is somewhat time consuming.
  • Only liftable | Not Easily Transportable

    The laddervator is strictly to help lighten the load of carrying shingles up a ladder. It is only manually liftable, therefor an employee must see to setting it up, taking it down, and hauling it to and from the truck. Which can be cumbersome.

You can check out this video to get a good pitcure of how a shingle elevator operates on the jobsite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWjrto-U7jA

Other Benefits of The Equipter RB4000

equipter rb4000/debris containerThe Equipter RB4000 can also be used to catch old shingles during the roofing tear off process. The RB4000 is equipped with a 4 cubit yard container which will hold approximately 15 squares of roofing debris. With it’s extendable container you are able to position the container right underneath the eave of the roof providing the easiest way to collect debris from the roof edge.

Compact and Drive-able

equipter rb4000 drivingWhat really makes the RB4000 the ultimate tool is it’s capability to drive independently around the jobsite without being hooked up to a truck. We know that you run into situations all the time where jobsite access is very limited. In these scenarios managing debris and delivering materials can take a lot of extra time and energy.   

On many residential roofing projects the Equipter RB4000 is the one tool that can answer the call for both efficient debris removal and smooth material delivery.

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