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Profit-Building Checklist to Spring Clean Your Contracting Business

If you’re gearing up for spring and summer projects, now is the perfect time to make sure your roofing, HVAC, or contracting business has the tools and resources it needs to build profit. Use this profit-building checklist to clean out the winter cobwebs so you’re ready for the busy season.

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1. Do an equipment check.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. While there’s wisdom in that old adage, it doesn’t necessarily apply to the equipment your crews use. If your tools don’t boost efficiency and productivity, then reboot the roster. Audit roofing and contracting equipment, and identify areas where an upgrade will help your contracting business grow. For example, check out how the RB4000 Self-Propelled Dump Trailer and CR8000 Mobile Crane will help your crews get jobs done faster and smarter.

2. Get your networking on.

A profit-building activity all year long, regularly connecting with local business professionals helps nurture both residential and commercial referrals. It will also help you locate the resources you may need to ensure your contracting business grows and thrives. For instance, small biz colleagues might recommend a local legal expert able to navigate succession planning for your family-operated business.

Don’t underestimate the power of professional networking through social media, either. Follow both local business leaders and industry thought leaders on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Commenting on their posts may help you start conversations and build relationships.

3. Ratchet up your marketing.

No contracting business can coast its way to profit. If you don’t have a marketing strategy—or if you have one that’s inches-deep in dust—it’s time to put one into action. We shared a few basic steps recently, and you can read those marketing strategy tips here.

Also if you’re using the Equipter RB4000 to manage roofing debris and satisfy customers, check out the New Roof No Mess targeted marketing program. We designed it to help roofing replacement companies boost referrals with professional materials that include self-branded brochures, postcards, direct mail pieces, and TV or radio ads.

4. Get in the know.

Building your personal expertise will help you make strategic decisions for your company. One way to build knowledge is to read blogs that share resources on small business, leadership, contracting, roofing, or HVAC. Bookmark our Equipter contracting blog for additional no-fuss business resources and marketing tips.

5. Find a way to give back to your community.

Research revealed 82% of consumers said they consider a company’s social responsibility when deciding where to buy products or services. What you do in the community matters for both you and your neighbors. Make plans now to give back. Here are a few ideas for getting involved in your community:

  • Rally employees to run as a team in a local 5K fundraiser
  • Donate a contracting service to an area non-profit
  • Replace the roof of someone in need

Dig deeper into community service in our post 3 Steps to Help Your Construction Business Give Back to Your Community.

Run your business smarter—not harder. Develop your own profit-building checklist and follow Equipter on LinkedIn or Equipter on Facebook for tips and resources to build a profitable HVAC, roof replacement, or contracting business.