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Marketing a roofing company isn’t as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages anymore. Uncover the secrets to getting your roofing company noticed.

How to Make 2022 Your Roofing Company's Best Year Yet!

How will you take charge to build an even more successful business this year?

You can take lots of steps—big and small—to grow your life personally and professionally all year long. Get a head start now by refreshing your business strategy and adding just one of these actions to your to-do list now!


Hone your leadership chops.

Roofing is tough. Running a roof replacement business adds another level of toughness to the day. When the buck stops at your door, you feel the responsibility to ensure your crews can do the job well, your customers are happy, and you can take care of your family.

If you’ve been too busy to actively work on your leadership skills, now is the time to make that shift. Whether you listen to leadership podcasts or join a professional group, take action to be the best leader you can be. Here are two articles to get you started:

5 Tips for Running a Family Roofing Business
Tips to Nail Leadership in Your Contracting Business


Equip your team with what they need.

With the right roofing tools and equipment, even a great crew can work more productively and help build a healthier bottom line. Assess the situation by talking with your crew and doing an inventory of your current equipment. Whether you need to repair a wonky air compressor or find a better way to control roofing debris, investment in tools is an investment in success.

Need to make a major equipment purchase but you’re worried about your credit score? Don’t assume you won’t qualify. Check first with your preferred lender or the equipment seller. At Equipter, we help roofers interested in buying new RB4000s by working with a group of lending partners, each with varying credit score requirements. Learn more in Guide to Financing Roofing Equipment.

More on the 4000

If you’re still not considered a good loan candidate, try a rental, and then consult your accountant or another financial professional about concrete steps to build a healthy credit score.


Improve your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing is often a challenge, whether you worry your budget won’t make an impact or you simply can’t invest the time you know it deserves.

One way to improve your digital marketing strategy is by staying on top of the latest trends. Grow your knowledge base with resources like these:

Social Media Today
HubSpot Marketing Blog
Content Marketing Institute
Equipter Roofing Blog

Get good guidance.

We get by with a little help from our friends...and mentors! A good business mentor doesn’t provide all the answers; rather they ask the right questions and share from their own experiences, empowering you to make the best decisions for your company.

Some mentors provide broad advice about business ownership, leadership, and strategy; others focus on specific situations, like planning an exit strategy or developing a new service. No matter which type of mentor suits your needs, they provide a valuable outside perspective so you can make informed, confident decisions. Connect with a mentor in your community. Many organizations like SCORE or MicroMentor offer advice absolutely free, so there's no need to reallocate your budget for professional insight.

Start your day with a full bucket.

It’s too easy to grab that smartphone off the nightstand first thing in the morning, bombarding your brain with news, emails, texts, and all manner of draining info (hey, we're guilty too!).

Make a goal: Resist the lure of the phone for the first few minutes of the day. Then swap out the glowing screen for something that fills your bucket with a positive, one of these:

  • Sit quietly for 10 minutes as you enjoy your first sips of coffee.
  • Read something that makes you feel good, whether it’s a leadership book, your favorite fiction, or a devotion.
  • Write down three tasks to focus on for the day.
  • Write down three to five things you’re grateful for.

Ready, set, go!

It’s tough to tackle big changes all at once. Stick to smaller, doable steps that build positive change over time and you're bound to see more success this year. 

The Equipter team wishes you, your family, and your team a successful and happy 2021! 


Article written in 2019, updated December 21, 2021.