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3 Ways to Work Smarter—Not Harder—to Build a Solid Roofing Business

As a roofing professional, you work hard to build a profitable business. But sometimes the secret to success is not found in working harder—it’s in working smarter. Check out these three tips to work smarter (not harder) to build a successful roofing business.

1. Use the right tools.

You understand the importance of giving your crew the tools that get the job done right. At times, though, workers at roofing companies get stuck in a rut and continue to use the same tools simply because the've “always done it that way.”

You can make equipment choices that do more than get the job done—they get the job done smarter. Here are two efficiency-boosting roofing equipment investments to consider:

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  • RB4000 Self-Propelled Compact Dump Trailer: This isn’t your dad’s dump trailer! Our team originally designed this raisable, towable, and drivable container to make our founder's roofing replacement business more efficient and more profitable. Now, contractors across the U.S. use the RB4000 on their job sites to increase sales and referrals. It reduces double- and triple-handling of material and creates a cleaner job site that homeowners love. Learn 3 Reasons Roofing Employees Love the RB4000.
  • CR8000 Self-Propelled Crane: This compact mobile crane gives your team the power to easily lift and lower materials, even in tight spaces, saving manual labor costs and helping to finish projects faster. It’s ideal contracting equipment for any job that requires more than people power but less than a full-sized crane.

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2. Automate regular processes.

Many roofing businesses already automate basic processes, like invoices or statements, but you may be missing the opportunity to automate other processes as well. What can you automate to help you and your employees work smarter?

  • Emails: Streamline the task of sending messages by using an email marketing service, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. These services allow you to easily automate thank you emails, referral emails, newsletters, and more.
  • Data backups and virus scans: Losing data is the worst. The. Worst. Protect your future productivity by scheduling regular data backups and virus scans for all your essential business systems. Consider utilizing a cloud-based data backup service—some offer very affordable packages for small businesses.
  • Social media posts: Applications like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule posts in advance for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. In addition, the services let you manage several social media profiles from a single dashboard, which means you spend less time clicking into and out of different social media websites.

3. Delegate.

You need a new brochure for your roofing business, so you sit down and start designing it from scratch...but is that really the best use of your time? What’s not getting done because you’re hunched over that keyboard fiddling with fonts, pics, and spacing?

Is your time better spent following up on those home show leads? Rebooting a dusty marketing strategy? Training your team to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

Work smarter, not harder, by delegating tasks to qualified employees, freelance professionals, or other businesses. Delegate the responsibilities that take up lots of your time or those you’d rather not do—anything from accounting to website design to social media. 

If you're looking for marketing materials that help turn leads to sales, we can help! Check out our New Roof No Mess materials that focus on the benefits of the RB4000.


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