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Are These Roofing Productivity Errors Dinging Your Bottom Line?

Productivity mistakes can cost a roofing company big dollars, especially if they’re repeated day in and day out. Find out which common productivity errors might be dinging your bottom line.


Not Using Professional-Grade Equipment


You could use the same tools your dad used to install a new roof—but you can also invest in updated tools and roofing equipment that skyrocket productivity. For example, the Equipter RB4000 is a specialized container designed specifically to help roofers work smarter, not harder. Here’s how it supercharges productivity:

  • Towability + Driveability: Tow the Equipter to the job site just like you would haul a trailer. When you get onsite, the RB4000’s gas-powered engine allows you to drive the container virtually anywhere on the homeowner’s property. It offers a tight turning radius, wide tires, and a lightweight bed to help prevent property damage.
  • Raise-ability: The container lifts up to 12 feet high so crews can place it next to their work area. Roofers toss old shingles and other debris directly into the container instead of throwing everything to the ground. When the RB4000 is full, lower the container and drive it to a truck or dump container off the lawn for disposal. This streamlined process eliminates the double- and triple-handling of material that eats up so much of a roofing crew’s time. 

Not Having the Right Processes in Place


Does your crew have a “way” to replace a roof? Or does the process differ depending on which foreman is in charge that day? If you want to avoid roofing productivity mistakes, it’s important to establish a process that factors in the crew’s available knowledge, skills, and resources.

Of course, the process of stripping old shingles and installing new ones might vary slightly, depending on the building, materials, or conditions, but overall your team will work most efficiently when there’s an established process for getting the job done right.

Not Using Technology to Your Advantage

From scheduling apps to automatic material reorders, you can find plenty of tools to boost productivity. Tech tools for roofing business owners and managers include:

Think of the most frustrating roofing business task you encounter—the one that makes your day slow to a crawl and gives you a massive headache. Now, look for an automated solution to that problem. Chances are good there’s one out there.

Not Hiring and Retaining the Right Roofers

You can invest in the best roofing equipment and implement the smoothest work processes, but they won’t mean a thing if you don’t have team member buy-in. Implement hiring and employee retention best practices that help you build a productive team.

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