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3 Ways to Use Your Roofing Truck as a Tool On and Off the Job

When you think of essential roofing tools, your mind probably doesn’t jump to “pickup truck.” However, your company roofing truck just may be the most basic, yet essential, roofing tool for success. 

roofing truck marketing tool

1. Provide reliable transportation for your crews.

Some crews choose to carpool to the job. Other roofers choose to show up individually. Both scenarios require a well-maintained, reliable mode of transportation. 

Arriving at a roofing job on time may seem second nature, but it’s the little things that show you’re serious about the job. Timely arrival communicates professionalism to customers and helps to build and maintain their trust. It implies that you’re not just in it for the money, and you’ll do your best to help them achieve their goal–a new roof to protect their loved ones. 

Your roofing truck is a tool that helps provide reliable and timely transportation of your crew to the job site, communicating a strongly held value to your customer without saying anything more than “Good morning!” 

2. Transport tools and materials to every job site.

There are smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles than a pickup truck that you could invest in to get your crew from point A to point B and back. However, as an experienced roofer and/or roofing business owner, you understand the power behind using a pickup truck as transportation for more than just your crew. 

Designed to carry heavier loads, you know pickup trucks can handle what even large SUVs can’t. On top of your standard roofing tools, roofing trucks give you more room for materials like extra tar paper and plenty of sheets of plywood.


If your roofing truck is loaded but you still need more room, you may not need to make an extra trip to your supplier. The towable Equipter RB4000 can also serve as your compact utility trailer. This self-propelled dump trailer seamlessly hooks up to a standard-sized pickup truck for easy transportation. After driving the RB4000 to the truck hitch, disengage the front wheel and hook it up just like you would any other trailer. 

Towing the RB4000 gives you extra space that may come in handy for tools you’re not able to fit in your truck. It’s especially useful if you have a large crew traveling in the cab. Consider trying this piece of equipment to see how it could take your business to the next level!

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3. Market your business with your roofing truck.

Your company pickup truck can be a tool used for more than just transportation. It’s also an incredibly useful marketing tool. 

roofing truck wrap - divine roofing

Wrapping your pickup can be an effective way to advertise your roofing company. According to Big Picture Graphics a wrapped vehicle can give 30,000-80,000 impressions in just one day. To help maximize return, members of your target audience need to be commuting or living in the area your company does business in. 

Not only is wrapping your truck an effective way of advertising, but it’s also one of the more affordable methods of promoting your company. Compare it to advertising in a magazine, which (according to Big Picture Graphics) can cost $21.46 per one thousand impressions. Wrapping your vehicle costs only $0.35 per one thousand impressions. 

Here are a few tips on how to attract customers by wrapping your roofing truck.

Communicate your message clearly.

What is your brand about? Add info to your truck wrap that promotes your company’s mission and values. Use your logo and simple messaging that will connect with your audience.

Keep it simple.

Adding too much on your wrap only amounts to clutter and confuses your message. It prevents your customers from seeing what is most important. Keep your wrap style and imagery attractive and simple. 

Add a clear call-to-action.

Provide a phone number or web address that gives your audience a clear next step, like contacting you or learning more about your company.  

From basic transportation to the ultimate advertising machine, your roofing truck goes beyond practical. Never take it for granted. Be sure to keep your company trucks in tip-top shape, so your crew, tools, and materials get to the job on time every time, greeting your customers with a smile. 

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