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Top 5 Roofing Tools and Equipment According to Roofers

roofing tools and equipment

At Equipter, we enjoy interacting with fellow roofers and other contractors on social media. Recently, we asked for your favorite roofing tool. In no particular order, these are just five of the roofing tools and equipment our followers shared with us on Facebook.

Roofing Crew Members


With all the tools and technology available to roofing companies today, employees are still their greatest assets. Without hard-working, dedicated subcontractors and roofing employees, a company would crumble. 

Young workers are especially valuable to roofing company owners, with their flexibility and excess energy. Their bodies have experienced less stress from manual labor than the well-seasoned roofers who’ve spent decades tearing off and replacing roofs in all different weather conditions.

If you’re in the market for new roofers, it’s important to consider more than their manual labor capabilities

The Pry Bar

Useful in many industries, the pry bar (aka “crowbar”) is one of the oldest and most beloved hand tools in the roofer’s toolkit. From the Stanley® Wonder Bar to the Gorilla Bar, manufacturing companies are constantly finding ways to improve this handy tool. 

One of our Facebook followers said his favorite tool is the Gorilla Bar. Popular in the UK (but also available to contractors in the US), this beast of a pry bar is manufactured using forged steel and is available in different sizes, so roofers can choose the length that works best for their tear-off methods. 

The Fiberglass AJC Shing-Go

Another favorite on the list of roofing tools and equipment among residential roofers is the Shing-Go shovel by AJC. Currently, AJC offers three options, all made in the US. The fiberglass handled shovel is a go-to tear-off shovel because of its stronger yet lightweight design. The company also offers reasonably priced replacement blades and handles to keep your shovel in tip-top shape.

The Shingle Shark

Shingle shears are handy when it comes to cutting cornersliterallybut using these handheld tools can hold up production when roofers are faced with the task of cutting straight edges.

Cutting asphalt and fiberglass shingles is a cinch with the noteworthy Shingle Shark. Giving residential roofers precision and speed, this time-saving shingle cutter reduces the stress of laying shingles along roof edges. Despite the sharpness of the Shingle Shark Shingle Cutter, its cold-rolled steel construction requires no blade--so there’s no sharpening or replacing.

The Equipter RB4000


We may be biased, but our followers are not. So many roofers love the self-propelled, lightweight RB4000 for its unique functions and capabilities. The RB4000 features a rust-resistant aluminum container in which roofers fit up to 20 square of asphalt shingles. Saving hours of back-breaking work, RB4000 users love the ability to easily navigate debris across customers’ lawns and lower the hydraulic tailgate to dump it all into on-site dump trailers or dump trucks.

Our customers’ customers even comment on posts on the Equipter Facebook page from time to time, saying how impressed they were by how clean their yards stayed while roofers used the RB4000.

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