Roofing Equipment That Means Business

Roofing equipment we manufacture was born from our own experience in the roofing industry. Our line of revolutionary equipment can boost productivity, increase your efficiency, and impact your bottom line. Ready to save time and labor, earn more referrals, and make more money? You can with this indispensable line of roofing equipment. 
rb4000 roofing equipment

RB4000 - Roofing Trailer

The right equipment can make the biggest difference in productivity and profitability for your roofing company. The Equipter RB4000 lift was designed as a debris management solution for the roofing industry. The RB4000 lift will transform your roof removal process and will increase the bottom line profitability for your residential roofing company.

Benefits of the RB4000 Lift:

  • Increase jobsite efficiency by up to 25%
  • Increase sales by providing a New Roof No Mess service

RB2000 - Self Propelled Dumpster

Compact & durable, the RB2000 lift enables you to get into those tight, compact spaces where normal larger, equipment can not go. Make an impression on your customers when you show them how you protect their landscape and property by using an RB2000 lift on your job site.

Benefits of the RB2000 Lift:

  • Takes the place of awkardly using a wheelbarrow
  • Fits into tight spaces

CR8000 Mobile - Roofing Crane

Roofing material delivery can be especially challenging in limited access areas. There is a lot of equipment for sale out there but nothing quite like the CR8000 crane. The CR8000 crane will help decrease material handling time for your roofing crews, which will help increase overall efficiency for your roofing company.

Benefits of the CR8000 Crane:

  • Increase jobsite efficiency
  • Decrease material handling time
Brake storage system for roofing

Stow-A-Brake - Brake Storage System

Roofing equipment is only worth as much as it is practically useful. The Stow-A-Brake System is one of those unique roofing tools that helps save time by simply being the best solution for storing your aluminum brake where you use it the most.

Benefits of the Stow-A-Brake System:

  • Easily store your aluminum brake with only one person
  • Folds down to working position without detaching

Roofing Debris Bag

The Equipter Debris Bag is simply the easiest way to get rid of roofing debris. The Debris Bag eliminates the need for a dump truck, dump trailer, or roofing dumpster on your jobsites. Simply buy the bag, fill the bag, then request a pick and we’ll do the rest.

*Only available in select locations

Benefits of the Debris Bag:

  • Simplify your debris management process
  • Eliminate large debris containers on your customer's properties

Roofing Equipment That Matters

At the end of the day, our goal at Equipter is to design and manufacture unique equipment, like the Equipter RB4000 lift, that will help your roofing company become more profitable. We know how it feels to have long days on the roof that feel unending. We know the dread of cleanup at the end of a long tiring day. We began to see that in order to complete more work and create a more efficient job site, something had to change. We began to realize that breaking your back out on the job site doesn't have to be a part of a “normal” roofing process.

So we set out to create efficient, durable equipment to enable roofers around the U.S. to save time and steps in the roofing industry. We implemented our years of experience as roofers into the roofing industry to manufacture equipment that will help your roofing company become more profitable and solve problems that you face every day.

Year after year on the roof led us to create our first product, the RB4000 lift. Since then we have added the CR8000 crane, Stow-A-Brake system, and our Debris Management Bag.

Our team strives to create new and innovative products that boost your efficiency and enable you to take your company further.