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Roof the Right Way: Use Equipter Roofing Equipment and Tools


Why Add Equipter Roofing Equipment to Your Crew?

Replacing roofs for a living puts a strain on your body. Both residential and commercial roofing contractors often suffer from lower back pain at some point, forcing them into early retirement. Equipter roofing equipment helps reduce these issues and gives you the power to get jobs done faster while maintaining your reputable craftsmanship.


Each piece of roofing equipment by Equipter is designed to…

  • Minimize cleanup stress
  • Increase production
  • Conserve your crew’s energy


How Can Equipter Roofing Equipment Enhance Your Business?


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Work Smarter

Equipter products are more than roofing tools. They’re success tools that give you a process for handling roofing materials and debris more efficiently with less risk of injury or property damage.


Outpace Competitors

Stay ahead of your competition with tools, equipment, and processes to help you roof more and sell more, plus build a professional reputation that makes you stand out.


Achieve Success

The best roofing tools help you on the path toward the success you envision, whether that’s taking better care of your family, establishing yourself as an industry leader, or making a difference in your community.


Innovative Equipment for the Roofing Professional

From portable dump trailers to a unique brake setup and storage system, Equipter products help roofing contractors like you work in a new way—one that boosts job site efficiency, lowers labor costs, raises crew retention, and increases referral rates. 


All of our lightweight equipment is designed for single-person use.


Take a look at our growing collection of roofing equipment and tools.


Equipter RB4000

Boost output by 25% or more with a self-propelled, raisable trailer that takes the time, hassle, and physical wear-and-tear out of handling tons of material daily. Designed for roofers, by roofers, this equipment delivers game-changing results you can see—fast. 


Equipter RB2500

The Equipter RB2500 dump container is the newest addition to our fleet of roofing equipment. This portable dumpster goes places its older brother can’t, like narrow alleyways and in between houses that are too close together for the RB4000 to squeeze between.


Equipter RB2000

The beloved little brother of the dump container collection, the RB2000 fits through standard gate openings. We specifically engineered the RB2000 portable, raisable dumpster to take the heavy lifting out of tight spots, from city alleys to interior remodeling.


Equipter CR8400

Equipter’s one and only self-propelled crane, the CR8400, is designed to go where no crane has gone before. Lift, load, or lower heavy, bulky materials in places you wouldn’t dare take conventional cranes. With up to a 23-foot reach and compact size, this customizable crane streamlines material handling for roofers and other contractors.


Stow-A-Brake Storage System

Setting up a brake is no longer a two-person job. Forget setting up saw horses and fumbling with this heavy piece of equipment. With the Equipter Stow-A-Brake, you don’t even have to take it off the truck! This brake storage system comes with brackets that mount to most standard truck ladder racks, allowing one person to transport and lower the brake into working position with ease.


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Equipter Accessories

We also offer plenty of accessories to help you roof smarter. From gutter protectors (a step up from customers’ gutter guards) to extension kits for your Equipter, roofing has never been easier. Click below to check out our complete selection of roofing accessories.


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